So it’s occurred to me that because my life is really boring (seriously. today I submitted my coursework and watched youtube videos, that is actually it) this blog might as well contain my random musings about life, the universe and everything. So last night, as I was trying and failing to get to sleep due to a party somewhere close by and roadworks in the street below (roadworks? at 1am?! I don’t understaaand), I got thinking about people’s intentions and whether they matter as much as their actions. If someone does a kind thing out of spite or self-preservation, surely it means less than the same action done for the sake of love? But that raises the question if we can ever know people’s true motivations outside of fiction. Because everyone has their own point of view and everyone lies at one point or another.

As a Christian, I believe that the only one who can really understand why we do what we do is God. And as his opinion should be the most important to me anyway, I guess I’m ok with that.