Hello! So I’m a bit ill, and still pretty tired from our CU events week last week, and I should probably get off the internet and go to bed, but instead I’m here. Why? Because God is good, and I’m realising the idea I had in my head for my blog doesn’t necessarily have to match up with what I post. I can just say what I’m thinking about, and hope it ends up at least mostly coherent.

I was reading over my last post, and the last line from it, about rolling up my sleeves and getting on with it, really hit me. Because last Sunday, while reading my bible and trying to prepare for events week, I came across this verse:

“Do you realise what this means – all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it.” Hebrews 12:1 (The Message)

At the time, the verse really encouraged me to look at the bigger picture of the church as a whole, and also challenged me to really go for it over the course of the week. And now looking back at my old blog post, I can really see how God has moved in my life, even over such a short amount of time.

One thing I lamented in my post was the lack of acting I got to do at uni. Well, on Wednesday night, for our Big Event, I played the main part in a beautiful drama/dance called the Everything skit. I received so many congratulations on my performance, and on the drama as a whole, that it was frankly a bit overwhelming (does that count as a humblebrag? I can never really tell). And over the week as a whole, I really had to rely on God, as there wasn’t really anywhere else I could get energy from some days!

This week has really helped me get some idea of how far I’ve come with Him, by bringing back memories of how I felt this time last year. I remember mostly being really scared that someone was going to ask me an impossible question, or that I’d run out of things to say, or just that people would judge me for my faith. This year I worried about that at first, but as the week grew closer I ended up just really excited for what God was going to do, so much so that it took me ages to get to sleep on Sunday night (something I deeply regretted at the 8am Monday prayer meeting). It’s been so reassuring seeing how much I’ve changed over this year, and (I hope) how much I’ve matured as a Christian, because the idea of people changing, and how to recognise that change, is something I’ve been struggling a bit with lately.

I’ve probably been infuriatingly vague in this post, and if you would like a more detailed account of how events week went, then please message me. Til next time, guys!