Sooo, now that I am two weeks in to my German adventure, I thought I’d have a go at documenting some of it for your linguistic viewing pleasure. If you just clicked the link as a vague gesture of friendship and are now regretting your decision faced with the prospect of reading my unstructured ramblings, here’s a summary: I’m settling in well and looking forward to assisting in some teaching and being totally befuddled by the German language. Yay! You have done your friend-y duty and normal life-service can resume.

As for the rest of you, danke schön for sticking with me, I’m definitely feeling the love right now. My application to Universität Paderborn was a bit rushed, to say the least, so I ended up flying out without confirmation of a room to stay in, or very much info about what the Teaching Assistant position would actually involve. Thus I of course brought my mum along for moral support. Upon my arrival, however, I found out that a small bedsit was available, and so the weight of accommodational uncertainty was lifted from my shoulders. The room itself is adorable, not so much retro as just old, but clean and with an insanely comfy armchair. Challenges include a lack of microwave and no running water outside the bathroom, but I’m hoping the former will teach me to cook properly, and the latter to not let my dishes pile up, as I will need to in order to be able to brush my teeth unobstructed.

The room is a ten-minute walk from both campus and the town centre (in opposite directions) so I seem to have done pretty well! Paderborn is nice, again almost disconcertingly clean and with some rather beautiful old buildings. And yes, there is a H&M! I have started the Deutschkurs on weekday mornings, which is hard work and comes complete with the nagging sensation that I’m missing something, but is a real help when it comes to tackling the behemoth that is German grammar. I have also managed to do some social interacting – always a plus – and it’s been really interesting chatting to other international students. As the teaching will only be about 9 hours per week, I am free to study as many of the courses offered as I please, and so far they look pretty great (there’s one about comics. COMICS!!). A lot of them are even taught in English, which is obviously a big help.

Prayer points (if you’re so inclined):

  • That I don’t get hit too hard by culture shock/homesickness
  • That I solidify the friendships I’ve started and share Jesus with them
  • That the admin stuff (health insurance, bank account, student card) gets sorted soon
  • That I find out more about the teaching assistant role and can be an asset to the department

Thanks for reading! I still don’t have a German mobile number yet but if you’d like my address or skype name then message me on the social media platform of your choice. Tschüss!