Well hello! It’s been a while, but monthly updates aren’t too bad in terms of regularity, right? Always leave your audience wanting more, or something. Teaching assisting continues to be fun; now that I’ve got to know the students a bit more they’re more willing to ask me for help or just share their ideas. Unfortunately I’m still not allowed to hold official office hours, but I’m hopefully going to be meeting some of them in the library to go over extracts of The Faerie Queene (I feel like my mum would be proud of me). One of my friends on the German course (sidenote: I got in, yay!) would also like me to help her with her English, and of course I accepted.

My contract has finally been sorted out – however it doesn’t start until the 15th of December, and I’ve been told I’ll need to reapply for the summer term. Hopefully it won’t take quite as long the second time round! Some of the actual, proper teachers here have similar stories though, so I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

The choir I’ve been going to has been challenging but loads of fun, and great for getting to know people as well. There is a Christmas concert on the 13th of December, and it’s a lot of fun preparing for that, even if some of the songs are unbelievably cheesy (genuine lyrics to one of them: I believe in the miracle of love / because, oh yeah / I believe in Santa Claus). I shouldn’t really complain though, as we mostly sing in English, which makes it a lot easier for me!

The German course is a lot of fun too. There are only around ten of us, which means that there’s nowhere to hide if you don’t understand, which I think is really helping me learn. And the teacher is lovely, she brought us chocolate for passing the Grammatik test and gave me cough sweets for my cold! I’ve even started to be able to understand a few of the jokes in the sermons at church, which is as good a measurement of progress as any. The church itself is pretty great, I’ve met some lovely people there in the past couple of weeks and felt very welcomed, and some of the German worship songs are really lovely.

Prayer points:

  • That I can get started on my Language Study project for Aston and have guidance on what topic to choose and how to collect data
  • That I get over my cold pretty soon!
  • That the concert goes well
  • That I can be a real help to the students as they start their projects

Thanks for reading, tschüss!