Hi again! So this break was another long one, but in my defence there was the whole Christmas thing. You’d think that this would give me a lot to talk about, but now I come to think of it…

The holidays were lovely; it was so good to be back home and see family and friends. I’d thought that it might be strange speaking English all the time again, but um, no, it wasn’t, and instead I probably forgot a good part of the German I’d managed to learn. The usual home comforts were very welcome of course (oven-cooked food! A choice of winter coat! Marmite!), but thankfully I wasn’t hit by an I Don’t Want To Go panic leading up to my return to Germany.

My office hours are finally in full swing and are shaping up nicely. The rise in popularity may have been due to the presentations being due for one of my classes, and students wanting my two cents on what they’d done, or help with last minute data collection! The presentations were then, um, presented at the Exploring Language Worlds conference (fancy, right?) on Saturday, and from what I could tell, they went well. I was pretty busy behind the scenes with the other teaching assistant setting up tea, coffee and a sadly finite supply of biscuits for the hungry presenters. It was a pretty full-on day, especially since most of my weekends  involve sleeping until noon and then thinking about getting dressed for half an hour, but there were no emergencies either culinary or academic, and we could watch the snow fall while we worked.

We (that is, the choir I’m part of) had our Christmas Concert back in December, and I really enjoyed it. There were two services, both in a beautiful old church in the city centre, and it was lovely hearing the whole thing come together, as well as performances by soloists and small groups. In the break between the two, some friends and I headed over to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), which I have to say was fairly similar to the ones in the UK, but with more sausages! And an entire stall just for mushrooms, which I definitely can’t complain about. I did however suffer from Uncomfortable Crepe Syndrome (I always love the idea until ten minutes in when I realise that they’re pretty awkward to eat, crepe batter isn’t actually that nice, and maybe consuming half a jar of Nutella isn’t such a great plan after all).

I submitted the proposal (officially an Academic Progress Report) for my language study on Tuesday, after much procrastination and frantic speedreading. I’m going to look at the language of German Learners of English, which I thought appropriate as I am pretty much surrounded by them. I can see now that I’ve got a lot of work to do, but as the semester finishes in a couple of weeks I may have some problems getting myself to do it! This also means that some of my fellow international students are going back to their home countries soon, which is really sad. However, it does give me an excuse to travel to some amazing places to visit them in the future!

Prayer points:

  • That I can make good progress on my language report and seek help if I’m struggling with it
  • That my German tests next week go well
  • That I can continue to help any students that need it (and be on time to meetings!)

Before I go, happy Burns Night to any Scots who might be reading this; haggis doesn’t seem to be a popular option here in Germany, probably because it’s not at least 80% pork. Regardless, I shall try to keep a tartan candle burning over here!

Danke fürs Lesen 🙂